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Business process outsourcing through software is a wise decision to which majority of enterprises is complying nowadays. But getting the software is not the end of the story, its maintenance is as important as getting the product. It is imperative for the business enterprises to realize that any kind of software, web or mobile app, once developed, need to be maintained through a sustenance cycle that keeps the features upgraded and give the right support to the product. It’s a fact worth to be known that out of overall costing of software, only 30% goes to the development and rest 70% to the product development.

In light of the aforementioned fact, at Trace we offer complete product sustenance support through three phases of maintenance:

  • Corrective maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Sustenance maintenance

After getting the product development, the next big challenge is to deliver the right kind of sustenance and maintenance of the product throughout product Lifecycle. Clavax has hands on experience of Product Sustenance & Maintenance and it has offered extensive sustenance services at the following phases of a product lifecycle :

  • Product Customization
  • Product Enhancement
  • Release Management
  • Bug / Patch Management
  • Product Support
  • Data Management / Migration
  • Document Management

Trace has the right human resource, technical knowledge and domain expertise to deliver the best of assistance to our valued customers. Our product sustenance support not just keep the developed product features resourcefully sound but also upgrade the features in compliance with the latest technology on board.

Our product maintenance and sustenance support has helped the enterprises to keep their software working in a sound condition. Our service system comprises the following:

  • Planning and assessment of the software that takes care of failure points identification, solution identification, improvement implementation, change management practices and strategies.
  • We conduct relevant R&D that compromises product design and implementation. This we do as a co-creator and even as the outsourced service provider.
  • We also take up cost minimization, risk management, ongoing product support and operational intelligence.
  • Bug / Patch Management
  • We take up quality assurance tasks as the ongoing product support to ensure high integrity of the product for its entire lifecycle.
  • Rendering product standard maintaining services that include lifecycle management, solution enhancement and IT infrastructure management.

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