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Trace Consultant service

Consultant Services

Trace consultant services is a Trusted Recruitment and HR Service Company providing expert services. Let us assist you in finding the best.

Since our inception, we have helped many organization build great teams. So if you are looking for experts to assist you in recruiting right people for even the most challenging leadership positions.


Our Consultant Services

Trace Software is the global brand of Recruit Services. The India’s best recruiting and information service company.  For more than 10 years, We are providing comprehensive HR solution and talent acquisition services which include retained and contingency executive recruitment and market mapping senior to staff level specialist and contract recruitment as well as payroll services. We continue to innovate with the latest technologies and platforms to deliver the best at the highest efficiency. We are always online to support.

You are at the right place. We adopt industry best practices and latest technologies to provide you unique and strategic recruitment services, You don’t just fill job positions with us, but our priority is to make sure that you get the best match. Being a specialist recruitment service firm, we firmly believe in “quality”, not “quantity”.

Industry Expertise

We recruit for almost all major industry verticals.

  • Technology / Telecommunication
  • Industrial / Automobile / Manufacturing
  • Power / Energy / Oil / Gas
  • Banking / Finance / Securities / Insurance
  • Healthcare / Pharmaceuticals / Medical Devices
  • Advertising / Media / Marketing
  • Retail / ECommerce
  • Consulting / Professional Services

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