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software quality assurance

  • QA includes activities that ensure the implementation of processes, procedures and standards in context to verification of developed software and intended requirements.
  • Focuses on processes and procedures rather than conducting actual testing on the system.
  • Process-oriented activities.
  • Preventive activities.
  • It is a subset of Software Test Life Cycle (STLC).

quality control software

  • It includes activities that ensure the verification of a developed software with respect to documented (or not in some cases) requirements.
  • Focuses on actual testing by executing the software with an aim to identify bug/defect through implementation of procedures and process.
  • Product-oriented activities.
  • It is a corrective process.
  • QC can be considered as the subset of Quality Assurance.


  • It includes activities that ensure the identification of bugs/error/defects in a software.
  • Focuses on actual testing.
  • Product-oriented activities.
  • It is a preventive process.
  • Testing is the subset of Quality Control.

Trace helps companies rotate to New IT with testing services that drive continuous software quality assurance, quality and efficiency, and shape their digital future.

Trace offers the entire breadth and depth of testing services across a broad array of applications, digital technologies, and industries delivered under flexible business arrangements.In order to perform these services, Trace follows following tools.

Functional Testing tools

  • Selenium
  • QTP

Performance testing tools

  • JMeter
  • LoadRunner

Bug tracking tools

  • Jira
  • bugzilla
  • TFS

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